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Homeopathic sauna & holistic spa featuring Oxygen Bar, Infrared Sauna, massage, chi machine, ionic footbath, salt booth, body wraps & more!

Infrared Sauna

The Far infrared rays is a form of electromagnetic light energy from the sun. It is healing and essential for human beings with the ability to penetrate, refract, radiate, and reflect healing energy within the whole body. The thermal effect within the deep layers of tissues causes blood vessels to dilate for better circulation, loosen tight muscles, aid in pain relief, detoxification, assistance in weight loss, and relaxation. Can burn 600 to 1200 calories in 30 minutes.

Oxygen Sauna

First the steam raises body temperature and opens the pores. Next, the oxygen comes into the box and gets absorbed through the pores. The cells utilize the oxygen for metabolism and detoxifying through the body’s natural waste removal system. The ozone acts to immediately kill bacteria and viruses that may be on the skin or lodged in the pores. The result is healthy skin, both inside and out. Soothe tired muscles, relaxes, and fosters sounder sleep, also rejuvenating.

Oxygen Bar

Just breathe in oxygen, a nutrient for the brain. Oxygen helps to reduce fatigue and lethargy, increases concentration and memory, and strengthen the immune system.

Chi Machine

While you look like a fish out of water using this machine, you will notice its many benefits. Relaxes your nerves, muscles, mind, and emotions. Oxygenates the entire body at the cellular level. Detoxes via stimulation of lymphatic system.

Ionic Footbath

What color will your water be?? The footbath produces ions like those you absorb when at the beach. Your body will experience little to no stress or discomfort while critical blood alkalinity ( so important for optimal health) is restored. The color that the water turns helps to determine what part of the body needed detoxifying.

Salt Booth

Regular and consistent Halotherapy helps to remove toxins from the lungs, increases the oxygen intake, and boosts energy levels.  Developed and clinically researched to help with respiratory and skin issues and increase overall immunity.

Club Membership includes:

Each month you are a member, you can choose 4 services from the list – InfraRed Sauna 30 minutes, Oxygen Sauna 20 minutes, Chi Machine 20 minutes, Ionic Footbath 40 minutes, Oxygen Bar 20 minutes, salt booth 25 minutes

Other Member Benefits include:

5% off the Seaweed Wrap, 5% off cleansing supplements and teas

Please inquire about membership!

Vibration Therapy

Just 10 minutes on the machine is like one hour in the gym. Provides slimming and lipolytic effect. Helps as an anti-cellulite and lymphatic drainage. Provides oxygen to cells thus improving blood circulation. Clinical tests show the platform can reduce the rate of cholesterol and triglycerides circulating in the blood. Also increases bone density. Monthly Membership $15.00

No contracts pay as you go.

HydroMassage Bed

This “hands off” therapy massages your back, neck, and shoulders without anyone ever touching you.  You don’t get undressed and there are no oils or lotions used.  You simply lie back onto a water-filled mattress and a series of spa jets direct streams of warm water against your body.  The rhythmic action of the jets helps loosen tight muscles and promotes an overall feeling of relaxation.g.

Compass Scan

Are your health products doing what you hoped for?

Let your body give you a second opinion. We recently got an upgraded version of the Compass Scanner. With this advanced report, we can get a deeper analysis to give further support and guidance on your health goals.


Tented inhalation of essential oils.

Vibrational Sound Therapy

A relaxing tuning of the body.  Find the right frequency to serve your health and higher purpose.

CranioSacral Therapy

CST releases tensions to allow the body to relax and self-correct.  Helps to eliminate stress and strengthen immune system.

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